Nature projects

Together we protect local biodiversity

This way, we help to restore the balance between people and nature. Because that is desperately needed!

We donate 2% of our turnover to local nature projects.

Protecting local biodiversity is our mission. That is why we contribute 2% of our turnover to local nature projects. We carry out these projects with our partners Rewilding Europe, The Pollinators, StraatBoer, Hoopheggen and VZW Durme..

Creating food forests, improving the habitat of a particular animal or insect species or rejuvenating a piece of forest for the benefit of biodiversity and climate adaptation, each nature project is different. In this way, we can do something for nature close to home in a different way each time.

We began with these local nature projects in the Netherlands, but in 2020 we also started donating to the first project in Italy, to save bears in the Central Apennines. You can follow all (realised) projects here.

Current project

Saving Europe's bears

We support the recovery of the endangered Marsican brown bear population.

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Discover more projects

Take a look at the other local nature projects we support! Some of these projects will be realized soon and others are already finished.

Our contribution to local biodiversity

With these projects we are committed to a greener planet.

  • 382.470,00 € donato finora.

  • Naturschutzgebiet Dingdener Büngerner Heide

    Kreis Wesel & Kreis Borken, Deutschland

  • Greening up cities

    The Netherlands

  • Bomen planten Strijbeekse Heide


  • Protection Dragonflies & Damselflies


  • Feed the bee

    The Netherlands

  • Feed the bee


  • Protection gauge forest


  • Planting 4 kilometers of hedges

    The Netherlands

  • Protection beech forest


  • Creation of 50 food forests

    The Netherlands and Belgium

  • The smooth snake

    The Netherlands

  • Bird Watcher's House

    Texel, Netherlands

  • Underwater nature house

    The Netherlands

  • Dog play forest

    The Netherlands

  • Follow the osprey

    The Netherlands

  • Nature playground

    The Netherlands

  • Together for the partridge

    The Netherlands

  • Saving Europe's bears


  • Save the Belgium Viper


  • Forest restoration

    The Netherlands

  • Wild observation site

    The Netherlands

  • Start local nature projects


  • 1 million trees planted


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